Heritage QuickCat Online Homepage

QuickCat Online is a data service (Webservice) provided to Heritage IV customers by IS Oxford Ltd. It provides access from the Heritage IV Catalogue Record form or Serials Title form to over 10 million British Library and Library of Congress records for cataloguing purposes.

In order to use QuickCat Online you must:

  • have purchased the QuickCat Online module
  • be using Heritage IV version 4.1.32 or later (this includes Heritage Cirqa)
  • have a current maintenance contract with IS Oxford

Please refer to the IS Oxford website section on QuickCat for further information about QuickCat Online.

If you are able to display this page on a workstation that is to be used for cataloguing via QuickCat Online, then there is a valid Internet connection to the online data and you can browse and enter the online records from the Catalogue Record or Serial Title form.

Please refer to the QuickCat helpsheet for more information about installing and using QuickCat. If you need further assistance then please contact Heritage Technical Support.